Google glasses afford the wearer “Super-human” Qualities

Knowing precisely how much a passer-by’s outfit costs and exactly where she bought it is one of the super-human abilities soon to be afforded to Google Glasses wearers.

Google Glasses have already been created and are on their way to mainstream Australia.

This hardware is really cool. Basically, they are augmented-reality glasses, which show the wearer information they request on a 3D rendered display, with the audio in their left ear.

The creators of this technology feel that it will allow users to seamlessly incorporate technology into daily life. For example, they will be able to share real-time images with friends, without having to pause and pull their mobile phone out of their pocket!

The possibilities for this hardwear are endless.  If you see someone in the street wearing an outfit you like, you will be able to find out exactly where you can buy it from and how much it costs.

Wearers will be able to find out other stores in the vicinity that stock a similar item at a lower price, all without leaving the first store, simply by looking at the item in question.  Businesses will have the opportunity to expand on their services too, such as allowing Google Glasses wearers the ability to see what an outfit will look like on you, without having to try it on, but simply by looking at it.

Other possibilities include tour companies to provide images of a historical site or monument, the way it looked during its time, while the Google wearers are standing there in front of it, so they can completely engage in a cultural and historical experience.

Experiences including travel, shopping, dining and other pursuits will instantly become more interactive and enjoyable for customers.

The cost for a developer version is thought to start at around $1500, but a more affordable customer version will be released early next year.

Cloud computing has made such technology a reality. Now that all the information we need is in the cloud, how it is actually displayed in the physical world has endless possibilities.

When social media, and indeed mobile phones, became a part of our everyday lives, we were forced to develop etiquette around their use, and no doubt the same will need to happen here.

Once the basic hardwear for this technology is established, the exciting apps and programs that allow wearers access to super-human qualities will follow soon after, as most businesses will start creating their own apps and technology for use with Google Glasses.

A lot of this technology already exists, such as in the use of the 2013 Ikea catalogue, but the Google glasses are basically stepping it up a notch.