Cyber Security – how can you protect yourself online?


In the midst of a digital era that is forever booming, how do you protect your details online? With approximately 175 million transactions conducted in 2014 and the number set to skyrocket this year, take a moment to find out a simple step to secure yourself better in cyber space.


Cyber Security – Video Transcript

Hi there!

This week I want to talk to you a little bit about cyber security.

Now as we all know, big companies like Sony, the CIA, have all recently been hacked, so nobody is truly safe from the threat, and especially small businesses.

In fact there are studies which say that small businesses are more at threat than larger businesses.

Now the key thing you can do here is to practice safe conduct with your email account. It is the central point of failure for many.

The key is not to use the same password for several accounts, which we see all too often.

One way to get around this is to have an account and password and that one account and password can be associated with your social media activities, for example, and, don’t share that password around between accounts.

Always make sure that you have a very strong password for your email account.

If you want to get really serious about security on your email account, get two-way verification. What this will do is send you an SMS, so this way, even if someone gets access to your email and password, they still have to get a SMS verification, and this is truly the safest way to stop getting hacked and to secure yourself.

That’s my tip for this week – until next time I’m Ben Bradshaw.