Personalising Your Social Media


Why should you make your social media profile more personable? A recent report by Rocketfuel illustrated the engagement levels between an animated visual cue and a real person in a video. Guess which one yielded better engagement? Yes, that’s correct, the video with a talking head. Human faces are 25% more engaging and likely to convert than basic illustrated graphics. Listen in to the video blog and find out more about how to personalise.


Video Transcript

Hi I’m Ben Bradshaw and welcome to this week’s video blog.

Now today I want to talk to you a little about social media and making it more personable.

Too often I see businesses utilising social media channels incorrectly. They’re uploading all the blogs and posts and everything else, but they’re forgetting that ultimately, people deal with people, and their social media efforts need to be mindful of this.

The more we make social media personable, the better interaction and engagement it’s going to have.

So this week, if you do one thing, think about how you can make your social media more personable. Whether that be via sharing some stories, work associated or personal, some photos from around the office, or whatever it may be, have a think about it because it will have an impact on the overall ‘impact’ of your social media.

That’s all from me and I’ll see you next time.