online vs offline marketing

3 Ways To Combine Online And Offline Marketing Methods!

Digital Marketing may be here to stay, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still take advantage of traditional strategies as well! Below are three of my favourite offline marketing methods that can be combined with digital marketing for that added oomph!  

  1. Workshops & Events
    I believe that a large part of your business is reliant on sharing knowledge with your customers—because while they may be aware of your products, they also enjoy hearing about how your industry or service can apply to real-life situations they are experiencing. This is where, for example, offline marketing methods such as events and workshops can really help to grow your customer loyalty. Perhaps you’d like to host a mentoring workshop where your target audience can learn more about a particular topic, and then offer your products at the end as a viable solution.
    And don’t forget, you can (and should) still harness the power of online marketing to further promote your events!
  2. Media Attention
    Just as your brand or service holds plenty of value for customers, don’t forget that journalists and media may also be interested to know what you do! Get in contact with your local newspaper, radio station or television network, and let them know what it is you provide—along with any other interesting facts about you and your business. You can then follow this up by sharing any media coverage digitally across your networks (while also reaching other demographics who may not be likely to use social media so much).
  3. Print VS Digital Advertising
    While digital gives you that added advantage of reaching specific audiences through SEO or PPC marketing, don’t underestimate the value of good old print! Whether you’re putting out a publication of your own or advertising your business in an industry magazine, there are numerous benefits. After all, how often do you reach for a magazine while sitting in a waiting area or a local cafe? Print is still relevant!

As mentioned, there’s no need to forsake one method for another—instead, try taking a holistic approach by combining digital and traditional marketing methods for a stronger overall strategy!