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6 Digital Marketing Trends That Are Shaping Business (Part One)

The constant flow of change is complex, yet interwoven in the world of digital marketing. The trends don’t work alone, rather they work together to accelerate and amplify the way we market our businesses. Faster and cheaper telecommunication, as well as wifi, made broadband as essential as electricity. Mobile phones gave rise to social networks, …

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Personalising Your Social Media Summary Why should you make your social media profile more personable? A recent report by Rocketfuel illustrated the engagement levels between an animated visual cue and a real person in a video. Guess which one yielded better engagement? Yes, that’s correct, the video with a talking head. Human faces are 25% more engaging and …

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Sky News – SME Ecommerce Boom with SponsoredLinX CEO Ben Bradshaw

Why do SME’s need to be online you ask? A combination of economic activity, soaring appetites to ‘buy local’, increases in online shopping trends coupled with increased internet connectivity nation-wide as a result of the National Broadband Network, has created the perfect online storm for buying and selling online.    

Social Influence

Any tool can be used by people to create or destroy; it all depends on the person. Humans are the major agents of impact and change on our earth. We are in control of our destiny. When we are all told that we are in control of our emotions, we agree. We are the ones …

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