Google Wallet Marks the Future of Internet Marketing and Shopping

Imagine being able to store all of your credit cards in your phone? Well, that’s the concept behind this facility. Virtual versions of your credit cards will be accessed via your phone, thanks to an Android app. Eventually, it is said that even your loyalty cards, gift cards, receipts, boarding passes, tickets, even your keys will be seamlessly synced to your Google Wallet.

 What does this mean for businesses? Well, they will need to make sure they have the facilities to sell their products and services accepting payment from this application. Those who are planning to market themselves via Google Offers should make sure customers can pay with Google Wallet. Instead of printing out a coupon or barcode, completed offers are put into a user’s Google Wallet, where they are automatically saved and redeemable.   

With group buying and daily deals sites changing the way we shop and do business, where is this all heading? What is the future of internet marketing and how is this going to change the way we shop, socialise and live?

My prediction for five to ten years from now is that individuals will receive news of offers and deals via their phone. So, not only will they receive daily notifications of new offers according to what they have selected as their interests, but as they physically reach into the vicinity of businesses with deals, these will also “pop” up on their phone. So, say for example you happen to walk down a particular street in a neighbourhood, you will receive offers such as “20% off the lunch menu” and “2 for 1 coffee” sent automatically from shops and businesses on that street or in your immediate vicinity. You could then choose to walk into the shop and take advantage of the offer then and there, paying with your Google Wallet, or invite friends to take advantage of it as well and buy as a group to take advantage of an even better deal.

 I am sure there will be vigorous debate about whether and how your privacy is affected, as your whereabouts will become public knowledge to not only your friends, but local businesses who want to sell to you. In this digital age, it is no secret that there is not much that unknown about you, and facebook already has access to a range of information that is very saleable and also very attractive to businesses wanting to market to a quality and attentive audience. There are so many implications of this new technology, and much to be said about it all. Many companies will be put out of business, as their products and services are made redundant, while others will be provided with opportunities that will make them a fortune.  As an internet marketing pioneer, I will continue to stay at the forefront of the latest innovations, and monitor how they change the way businesses interact with and sell to their consumer groups.

Businesses will need to increasingly look to the online environment for marketing opportunities, bearing in mind the enormous social networks many of us have, and the income potential that this represents. How can you tap into these networks, how can you encourage your customers to share your products and services with their friends to encourage referral business, what offers can you make that they cannot refuse?  How can you communicate with them, know when they are nearby and keep them coming back? These are the questions these new social media and internet marketing avenues will raise that you will need to answer to be successful in business.

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