Adwords Training – Tips & Tricks Day 2

The GRGR Rule (Genuine Relevence Gets Results)

Have you ever noticed how successful people seem to glide through life almost effortlessly? Now I know you’re probably thinking that this is simply because, as an outsider, you don’t have access to all the facts so you can’t possibly know the full story.

Well, my experience is different. You see, I mix with a lot of very successful people and deal with even more successful companies and I really do get to see what most people can’t. The over-riding impression I am left with is that, for them, live is really simple. They have developed the ability to focus on the core issues; they devote their attention to what’s important and they avoid all side issues.

The upshot of all this was what I call my GRGR Rule. This stands for Genuine Relevance Gets Results.

So how does this rule work in practice?

The first thing to bear in mind is Google’s mission, which is to source the world’s information and provide the most relevant results to users. For Google everything is about the user experience and displaying the right ads for the right search term, not just because they want to build a great search engine, but because they will receive revenue if the correct ads are displays and clicked on. This is precisely why Google put so much time and energy in improving the search experience. At the end of the day, it works for everyone; the user who gets the information they are looking for, the advertiser who gets quality, targeted traffic to their website, and Google, who gets a very profitable business.

The key here is relevance. Without ads that are relevant to users, Google wouldn’t have the business they have today. So how do they go about achieving this? How do they make sure advertisers have ads that are relevant to the needs of users?
They came up with a brilliant way to reward advertisers for providing relevant ads.
This system is called Quality Score, which is by far one of the most important factors to get right (from an advertiser’s point-of-view) for two main reasons:

1. It will control how much you need to bid per click.
2. It will ensure the users see great ads, thus increasing the clicks to these ads and, as a by-product, the revenue Google makes.

Applying the GRGR Rule will ensure that you remain targeted in your approach to Google AdWords with the result that you will outsmart your competitors and start winning the Google game.

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