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Join Affiliate Partnership Program and receive anywhere from 30% – 50% commission.

Ben Bradshaw Affiliate Opportunities

eBusiness Magic is a breakthrough, proven system, created by Ben Bradshaw, for business owners and entrepreneurs to increase online sales and boost profitability immediately, despite the economy.

Affiliate Payment Structure for eBusiness Magic:

30% on all paid referred sales! Due to the price of Ben’s program’s this is great opportunity to earn high-dollar commissions!

Commission varies per product, but you’ll be able to see the commission or each product once you sign up as an affiliate.

Payment Structure

For every customer that clicks on our banners or text links on your Web Site and purchases one of Ben’s highly effective learning programs, you earn commission (percentage determined from campaign) for that sale. All commissions are paid in AUD, and can be paid by check or paypal.

We will routinely update you with new, converting copy and tell you when to mail to your list and/or contacts or post on your website.

To get started, just fill out the short application, and we will give you all the tools and techniques you need to succeed in Ben Bradshaw’s Affiliate Partnership Program.

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