LinX- The Revolutionary Digital Marketing App You’ll Love!

A few years ago we had a revolutionary idea.

We knew it would be a game changer—something that would not only make the lives of small to medium business owners so much easier but would also be unlike anything we’d ever offered. The product? LinX: a world first digital marketing app that allows our clients to track their AdWords and Facebook campaigns 24/7! And I’m excited to be able to share with you that our app is now available Australia-wide!

So What Makes LinX So Special?

Firstly, it removes a lot of the hassles of conventional AdWords/Facebook campaign tracking. As I shared with my staff recently, the biggest thing to remember when creating new software is to keep it simple. Given that 50% of clients don’t track their leads (yes, I’m serious!), it’s clear that software needs to not only deliver in terms of innovation but also user-friendliness—and this is what we kept at the forefront of our minds when designing LinX. Taking into consideration that the average person picks up their phone 150 times a day, it’s easy to see that people are more likely to interact with an app than their computer. This is why it made sense to give our clients a tool that would not only help them better manage their accounts but one that would also encourage them to want to check their leads.

Secondly, it was also important that we make LinX unique. We’ve done this in a few different ways, such as creating a world-first digital marketing hub that goes beyond what is offered through other apps. For example, with LinX you can view your comparative data (which allows you to compare stats, to go from your CTR to your clicks etcetera), something that’s not even available through Google’s app!

What makes LinX unique, however, is its diversity. When creating the initial design we felt it important to offer more than just AdWords management, which is why we also included the Facebook dashboard. What this means for our clients, is that they can do everything they need directly from the app without having to check emails or log in and out of multiple websites. This is particularly helpful when you’re on the road a lot!

Personally, I know how it feels to get back to my home, office, or accommodation after back-to-back meetings and feel the temptation to just leave my emails until the morning. Now, in some cases, this isn’t a problem, but if you’re waiting on leads to come through and you’re not diligently checking, it can mean the difference between winning or losing a client—particularly if your industry is small and competitive! That was one of the biggest issues we saw with Facebook Lead Ads— that by the time you’d run a campaign, logged into the Facebook dashboard and downloaded your lead spreadsheet, it was too late; the lead was already gone.

The difference with LinX however, is that it sends a push notification every time you receive a new lead and then logs it directly in the app with all of your other leads. This user-friendly feature of being able to stay alerted to, and keeping track of, all your leads in one place is extremely valuable!

LinX is about building a relationship between our clients and their managers. We know that it takes trust when bringing onboard a marketing professional to look after your account, and so we try to foster these relationships in whatever way we can. For example, when you log into LinX, you’ll be able to see a photo of your Client Manager and get in touch with them or request a callback, in just one simple click. We like to think of it as helping our clients get to know their managers a little bit more easily.

As I said at LinX’s official launch, our app is, without a doubt, the most revolutionary thing we’ve ever done. It’s the solution that small to medium business owners have been searching for, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you as to how it’s positively helped your business!