Free business event next week to give Internet Marketing and AdWords Advice

When we recently discovered that more businesses would prefer greater overall business and marketing strategy advice and education when it comes to internet marketing, including Google AdWords, we knew we needed to create a serious of events and products to assist. 

We are pleased to announce that the first event is taking place in Brisbane 19th October 5pm at Brisbane Technology Park, to provide detailed advice and education to local business owners on their internet marketing strategy, incorporating information on social media and Google AdWords. Its free to attend so we would love to see you there. Go to to book.

This is where it started. A  customer survey we put out recently revealed that, rather than detailed performance reports on various keywords and ads, businesses understood their Google AdWords campaign was only a portion of their overall internet marketing strategy.

Sixty-six percent of participants indicated they asked for more business and marketing advice from their client manager, while 55 percent wanted further education on Google AdWords strategy. Only 22% indicated they opted for more detailed performance reports. AdWords on its own is not an effective marketing strategy. For example, a business may be receiving a number of clicks from a particular ad, but then what happens with that click? Do they navigate away from the page almost immediately? How long do they spend on your website and where do they go? Who is the person clicking on the ad anyway?

Google +, with 20 million subscribers already, also needs to form an important part of a business’ internet marketing strategy. Business owners have recognised that they need to be a cross all the platforms their customers are likely to be using, including social media. Google + is integrating social media and search into the same platform and this is very significant when it comes to preparing one’s internet marketing strategy.

The great news is that businesses are recognising the importance of integrating their internet marketing strategy so that it might include Google AdWords as well as facebook, Google +,  and blogging for example, rather than just looking at numbers on a page and making a judgement based on that.

An effective internet marketing strategy is all encompassing, and should also include general business protocols and procedures. For example,  one of our clients received a phenomenal amount of clicks on his online ad, but not one translated into a sale. We soon discovered the reason – his staff never answered the phone!

In response to client requests for more education and information, we have launched a number of initiatives for his clients and other business owners. Firstly, SponsoredLinX has introduced a new client dashboard that clients can access at any time to track their AdWord campaign results, as well as the eBusiness Magic series that is available for the general public – a comprehensive DIY guide to internet marketing.

Armed with a bit of know-how, there is absolutely no reason why any business needs to rely on an internet marketing company to look after their campaign for them, unless they prefer to out-source it. In this series, I am sharing what I learned myself though trial and error, but these tips and tricks nonetheless worked outstandingly for my business and those for whom I was contracted.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th October and hopefully answering all your social media and Google AdWords questions.

Go to to book but we quick – we are almost at full capacity.

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