SponsoredLinX’s Teamwork

SponsoredLinX TeamworkThere is an old proverb that says,

“A twig is not as strong as the whole branch,”

And I feel this is applies to business. An unwavering ability to work together is so important and massively valued at SponsoredLinX.

Occasionally we experience adversity beyond our control and it is our commitment to becoming the best search marketing agency in Australia that sets SponsoredLinX apart from the other companies competing in our highly competitive market. We must maintain our commitment to becoming the best, not only to prosper but to survive in our rapidly changing market. I believe as a team we will not only continue to grow but become one of the World’s best search marketing agencies operating in this difficult world economy.

At SponsoredLinX we are committed to improving our systems, services, people and company as whole. In today’s economy very few companies have the luxury of saying we are growing. I must congratulate everyone who works together under our sometimes crazy growth conditions as growth is impossible without everybody working as one! I am humbled to see this within our Sponno team more and more often.

This quarter alone our talented team of developers have built from the ground up many new systems as we simply outgrew our old ones, a good problem to have, but a problem none the less. This has been rolled out almost seamlessly due to the hard work of the all the development, accounts & administration teams. So we must congratulate the relentless hard work in rolling this system out to over 2000 clients who we provide AdWords Management, SEO management, Websites, Hosting and Domain services too. It is a huge achievement and we should all be thankful of everyone who made this project a success.

Sometimes the chaos of dealing with our growth reminds me of a huge Broadway production that appears to run like clockwork from the audience’s point of view but behind the scenes there are people running around pulling ropes, gaff taping wires, etc. to make the production a success. This is also true in business as it takes many people all working hard together to make it successful.

At the end of the day the industries high perception and regard of SponsoredLinX just wouldn’t be possible without some of the amazing people who work extremely hard behind the scenes. I think it is fair to say you are an inspiration to all of us here SponsoredLinX.

Lately, I have been busy in the public eye and waving the SponsoredLinX flag.

These last few months alone we have been featured in major International Industry magazines such as Visibility magazine and Search Marketing Standard as well as national newspapers such as The Australian Financial Review and locally via City South News and The Courier Mail.

However the most exciting of all these was the interviews on Sky Business “Tech Talk” and 4BC Radio. SponsoredLinX is now very fortunate to be relied on nationally as an industry authority on online marketing and future Internet trends.

The Sky Business “Google Glasses” Interview aired Monday morning you can now view it at the SponsoredLinX YouTube Channel.

You can also listen to the 4BC Interview by viewing the link below:

http://www.sponsoredlinx.com/optimisation-s ervices/mobile-marketing/mobile-websites/

In our efforts to provide the best and reliable service to our clients we have also upgraded all major IT systems. We have also rolled out a brand new phone system replacing our dinosaur and giving us the ability to handle our amazing growth.

And that’s all from me!

Ben Bradshaw – Founder & CEO SponsoredLinX